Platinum Sale Thru August 31st!
Platinum System Installation for just
See the "Automatic Systems" & "Product Videos" pages.
Installation at our facility in White Pigeon, Michigan.

Introducing the Adjustable Foot Pad for Square Legs!

This patent pending design allows you to add 4" of lift
to your Bigfoot Jack with ease!

Large handle for easy operation, Simple installation for new & old jacks!
Available for single and two point systems, see the "Videos" & "Accessories" pages

Check back again for more uploaded videos of our products!
Platinum Leveling System

Adjustable Foot Pad for Square Legs, Extends Jack Height by 4"

6pt Automatic 5th Wheel Leveling System

Fully-Automatic 4pt Leveling System

EZ Manual 4pt Wireless System (Trailer)

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